Autumn Wedding Ideas

autumn wedding ideas

So summer is over, it is now officially autumn. But don’t be down, we’ve got a great blog post for you with some clever and exciting autumn wedding ideas.

A great way to theme your cake in the autumn style is to incorporate the colours you are using. This could be by colouring the cake itself or adding leaves and/or flowers to decorate.
If you are thinking of having a more natural theme, try a naked cake with berries to decorate.

Traditional autumn colours include oranges, reds, yellows and even browns. However you can diversify by using burgundy, cerise and purples. Bold colours will give you a bright feel while pastels can be used to add a more vintage feel.

As the nights draw in and the weather gets milder you might want to think about making your favours something that can be both practical and enjoyable and also rooted in nature.
You can go healthy by offering fruit such as apples or bags of nuts or dried fruit.
A lovely little idea is to give your guests jams, preserves or honey. You can even personalise the jars with the date of the wedding.
It might not just be your guests that need looking after through the cold weather. Spare a thought for the birds and equip your guests with cute bird feeders to hang in their gardens.

Popular autumn wedding flowers include gerberas, roses and calla lilies as they come in a variety of colours. They can be easily matched to your colour choice whether you go for bright colours of pastels.
To give your wedding bouquet a little more uniqueness you could use something like oak leaves and other foliage or even berries.
autumn wedding ideas flowers

Autumn is harvest season so why not create your menu to reflect that. Starters can be a variety of vegetable soups while desert can be a family favourite fruit pie such as blackberry and apple.

Place settings
One of the most unique ways to let your guests know where to sit is to use dried leaves and a very light hand. It looks great and is really affordable.
autumn wedding ideas

The uniqueness and vibrancy of the colours of autumn make for some great photography and videography opportunities so be sure to head outside.
If you are having an autumn themed wedding, I know that leaves are a popular choice to decorate with. But if you are looking for something a little different there are always conkers (horse chestnuts), pine cones, berries and wooden logs or twigs to consider.

autumn wedding ideas