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Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas

More and more couples nowadays are having their weddings in the off season when the weather gets colder because, if you want something different, then a winter wonderland theme is perfect. This theme is not the same as a Christmas wedding, winter wonderland is all about your wedding being a spectacle and incorporating all the […]

Halloween Wedding Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching and it can be a very popular theme for a wedding, so I have put together this blog to give a few Halloween wedding ideas that are easy to do but very effective. I’m going to stay away from things like witches and ghosts and look at more traditional ways to […]

Autumn Wedding Ideas

So summer is over, it is now officially autumn. But don’t be down, we’ve got a great blog post for you with some clever and exciting autumn wedding ideas. Cake A great way to theme your cake in the autumn style is to incorporate the colours you are using. This could be by colouring the […]

Would you Rent a Wedding Dress?

We all know that weddings are expensive and buying the wedding dress can take out a big part of your budget. So why do we do it? Surely there is another way to save money on your wedding day? Recently a blog post from spoke to Something Borrowed, an online wedding dress rental company […]

Wedding Venues in Northamptonshire

I’ve put together a list of some of the ‘All in one venues’ for weddings in Northamptonshire. By all in one I mean places where you can have your ceremony and your reception. We’ll start off with some of the more mid-priced places, theses are venues that cost around £5000 for a Saturday wedding but […]

Easter Wedding Ideas

If your wedding falls on the Easter weekend there are lots of ways you can incorporate this holiday into your celebrations. Colours It’s easy to match the Easter theme with your colour as there are so many to choose from. Any kind of pastel colour will work for an Easter themed wedding and they also […]

Wedding Poems and Readings

If you are having readings at your wedding or are looking for something to add to a speech, having a poem can really add emotion and if you struggle to find the right words, it can be a great way to express yourself. Below are some poems all about weddings, marriage and love.

Having a Palace Wedding

Have you ever thought ‘I’d love to get married in a Palace.’ Well you actually can! Here are four Palaces run by Historic Royal Palaces and these are some of the most well known historic buildings in the UK. And just because you want a palace wedding doesn’t mean you have to pay ridiculous prices […]

Great Wedding Quotes

A selection of Great Wedding Quotes for your wedding Here are a few romantic and popular quotes about marriage and weddings. They can be used in speeches or maybe you could place them in frames or as signs to use as decorations at your reception. This is a collection from a broad spectrum of view, […]