How long should your wedding film be?

how long should your wedding film be

How long should your wedding film be?

If you are worried or concerned about how much of your wedding day you will end up with, this blog post should explain a few things.

There is no definitive amount of time on how long your wedding film should be, like the wedding itself it will be unique and individual to you.

Some people might ask ‘If you film all day, can’t I have all the raw footage and edit it myself?’ The answer is yes you can, but why would you want to when you can get a professional to do it?
The reason we film all day is not just to give you the hours and hours of raw, unedited footage, it’s so we don’t miss a thing and can pick out the best bits of your day for your highlights film. The length of this film is dependent on you and your choice of music, generally the longest time for a highlight film is about 15 minutes and the shortest is over three minutes. We usually define the time by putting your choice of music over the top of the film.
The great thing about the highlights film is you don’t need to see all the dull bits of the day or the long waiting around, it will condense your day into the most important, beautiful moments you really want to see.

Not only do you get a highlights film with us but we give you separate films of the ceremony, speeches and first dance. Once again these are all dependant on you. Civil ceremonies tend to last 30 minutes, whereas church weddings can be an hour long but you will get the whole ceremony on DVD or Blu-Ray as part of your package. If your speeches take an hour, you will get that whole hour on your Blu-Ray or DVD and it is the same for your first dance.

We are always willing to customise any aspect of your wedding film with you so if you wanted a documentary style film where everything happens all in one go rather than separate films, we would be happy to do that for you. At the end of the day it is your film and we want you to love it!

how long should you wedding film be