How Much Should a Wedding Videographer Cost?

So, how much should a wedding videographer cost?

Well, like many things to do with weddings, there is no set price for what you should pay for a wedding videographer. There are lots of videographers that charge anywhere from £300 to way over a thousand pounds and there are also different packages to choose from and additional extras which also come with extra costs.
It can all be a bit confusing, so that’s why we have put together this blog post which will basically explain our prices so you can see exactly what you get from us on your big day and the editing afterwards.

I won’t go into the actual calculations here (unless you want to see them-let us know) I’ll just run through everything that impacts on our costs.

On the day
We start filming at least one hour before your guests arrive so we can capture elements of your day you may not get to see. We film all the way to the end of the first dance or until about 9-10pm so you are paying for a full days filming.
When two cameramen are needed this costs extra because they both need to be paid for their time.
Included in the price are petrol costs (within a certain range).

After the wedding day comes the edit!
This is the real hard bit and the one that takes a lot of time and effort as the final product is so important. Here you are paying for the time of the editor and also contributing to the software needed to make the edits.
You also pay for the DVD/Blu-Ray that your film is put on and the handmade case that it goes in.

All the other bits
These are the bits that most people don’t think about but that are just as important to making your wedding film the best it can be.
We use HD cameras, and all our equipment is top quality; from our microphones to our CF cards and this is all very expensive, so you are paying for that quality.
With all technology such as cameras and lenses, it is important to have them checked and cleaned to make sure they are always working and that they always capture everything perfectly.
Another important and costly part of delivering a stunning video to you is making sure we have the correct licenses to be able to use your specified music to give your film that personal touch.

Being a new business can also affect prices, a lot of videographers will have higher prices if they have been functioning for several years. Also, if being a wedding videographer is their main source of income you can expect them to charge a little more.
At Ohana Films we have chosen our prices to reflect on what the local market charges and also factored in that we are a new business as well as everything listed above.
I hope this helps you in better understanding what you actually pay for when you book us for your wedding film.

how much should a wedding videographer cost