Wedding Table Name Ideas

Your wedding day is special to you and you’ll want to make sure it is as unique as possible. What better way to do that then to give your tables names that mean something to you and give your wedding a more personalised touch.
There are many ways you can name your tables but I’ve put together a list of some of the ideas you can use to help create the perfect wedding table names.

You can use important dates to you such as; the day you met, your first date, first kiss, the first time you went on holiday together. It could be birthdays, you could incorporate the birthdays of any children you might have together too.

Places that have meaning to you such as where you were born, where you met, where you live. This can be cities, towns or even counties.
You could use your favourite places or countries that you have been to together. Your favourite holiday destinations, is also a good idea.
Another idea is to use places that you have been on dates, so restaurants, cinemas or parks.

There are lots of things to do with nature that you can name your tables after.
Flowers- It could be your favourite flowers or if you are already having your favourite flowers in your bouquet, match the table names and centre pieces to your bouquet.
There are many others here so I will just list just a few of them:
Trees -brilliant if you are having an autumn themed wedding.
Plants-this can even be names of vegetable plants.
Weather- including types of clouds.
Rocks or Gem stones.
Oceans, Seas, Lakes, Rivers etc…

Butterflies are a popular choice of decorations at weddings, they are pretty and summery so you could use different butterfly species for your table place names.
You might want to incorporate any pets you have and naming your tables after them is a great way to do that. You could even have their pictures on the tables too.

Many people have a favourite TV show or film so using characters names or some of their best lines is a fun and unique addition to your wedding.
For example you could have a ‘Friends’ themed wedding and name the tables after all the characters or you could even use some of Chandler Bing’s best lines!

Sports teams/people
Football teams are a popular choice for wedding themes but there are plenty of others. There are Rugby teams, darts players, tennis players or courts, sports stadiums, golf clubs if you are golf fanatics, basketball players, cyclists, Olympic sports personalities.
Literally, any kind of sport or athlete that you like you can name your tables after.

You might want to give your tables names that appear in your favourite books or titles of books themselves. You may also want to use your favourite authors if you are avid readers.
If you are planning a themed wedding such as ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, this is a great one to use as there are lots of characters and it gives you a lot of ideas to play with.

Music covers a broad selection so here are a few ideas.
Wedding table name ideas could include; favourite genres, favourite bands or singers, favourite songs or songs that have meaning to you. It could be that you use lines from your first dance song, that way your guests could try and guess what your song will be.
You could use instruments or maybe you play a particular instrument that you love, for example; the guitar, and you could use different makes and models to name your tables.
There is also the idea to use the names of gigs or festivals that you have been to.

Naming your tables after cocktails means that you can then serve the same cocktails at your reception but it might not be the best idea to use some of the more raunchily named ones especially if there are children present.
Fruit can also be used as things like limes and lemons can be used in your centre pieces or other decorations.

I hope this list has given you some inspiration and tips for what you can do to make your wedding that little bit more special.

Wedding table name ideas