Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas

More and more couples nowadays are having their weddings in the off season when the weather gets colder because, if you want something different, then a winter wonderland theme is perfect. This theme is not the same as a Christmas wedding, winter wonderland is all about your wedding being a spectacle and incorporating all the things that make winter fun.
Here are some hints and tips for great Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas.


The colours of choice for a winter wonderland theme are definitely white, silver and blues but they can be mixed up by using different shades and by adding glitter to make things sparkle.


Something that stands out when thinking about a winter wonderland is trees and twigs. Use these to decorate your ceremony room and your reception room. There are many ways to use them; you could have them as table centre pieces with ornaments hanging off them or you could use them to make an archway that you could stand under when making your vows.
Fairy lights are great to add a bit of light as the days get dark earlier this time of year. They can also create an atmosphere of wonder and fun.
As it’s a winter theme you’ll want something that says ‘winter’ so things like snowflakes used as name holders or just as general decoration suit this theme perfectly. You can also use fake snow to scatter on your tables or even down the aisle to simulate walking on snow.


Some hearty, warm food wouldn’t go amiss on a cold day but what will really make your guests happy is for some hot chocolate to be waiting for them and maybe some winter themed cocktails at the bar.

The Dress

Winter wedding Dresses look amazing with a bit of sparkle and the ball gown style will really suit the theme. If you are worried about being cold on the day you could go for a dress with long sleeves or get yourself a shrug or wrap around.

Winter Flowers

Getting married in winter does mean you won’t be able to get certain flowers you could for a summer wedding but there are beautiful winter flowers that go extremely well with a winter wonderland theme.
There a plenty of winter roses available – Akito, Avalanche, Amnesia, Dolomiti Olieman, to name a few.
Using natural foliage from evergreen trees, winter berries or even eucalyptus work well to give that winter feel. Also pine cones which can be big or small or painted a certain colour.
winter wonderland wedding ideas

Alternatives to flowers

If you prefer not to have real flowers there are other things you can use for bouquets or table decorations.
Fake flowers – can be easily obtained and won’t wilt.
Wooden flowers – adds a little uniqueness to your wedding.
Button bouquets – usually a handmade item specific to you.
Brooches bouquets – very classy and elegant.
Crystal bouquets – A spray of crystals that would suit any winter wonderland wedding.
winter wonderland wedding ideas

winter wonderland wedding