World Cup Themed Wedding

It’s world cup fever as Brazil 2014 starts heating up this week and while some of you are thinking you can’t wait for it to be over, for others, Football is a great passion! And if you are one of those that can’t get enough, why not have a World cup themed wedding!
Here are some ideas.


There are plenty of things world cup themed that are on sale at the moment so there are lots of ideas to choose from.
For the men there are flag cufflinks of their favourite team. You could have badges with team emblems or team colours on them for your guests to wear.
If you are wanting your favours to be edible there are mini football chocolates that you can buy and place in an organza bag or you can make (or get someone else to make) cupcakes or biscuits that are football themed.
Your guest book can even be a world cup replica football that your guests sign!
world cup themed wedding

The reception
If you are really footie mad and you have a big enough budget, the ideal place to host your world cup themed wedding reception would be an official football ground.

You have a lot of options for colours with a world cup themed wedding. You could have a colour scheme to match your favourite team, e.g. red and white for England or, you can really go crazy with and use the colours of every qualifying team in the world cup. So plenty of bright greens, reds, oranges, blues and so on.

While you may love all things football you might be thinking it’s a bit too much to come dressed in full footie gear, but for the groom and his party, shirts underneath the suits can make for great photography opportunities.

A fun way to decorate your wedding venue is to use flags or pennants that represent the countries that are playing in the world cup.
Tables can be named after world cup teams, your favourite players or the football stadiums being used, it all depends on how many names you need.
For your centre pieces, flower arrangements in the shape of a football can look really unique. This can also look fantastic as bouquets for the bride and her party.
world cup themed wedding

To keep in line with your theme, have your photographer organise your photos as if you were taking an official team picture of the winners of the world cup 2014.

So, the cake. An obvious choice would be to have a cake in the shape of a football pitch but if you are feeling more adventurous, a world cup football cake would look stunning, especially if you can find someone to make a giant one!
world cup themed wedding

That’s an easy one if there is a match playing at the same time as your reception, just stick the TV on!
For the kids (or big kids), if you have outside space at your venue or enough space inside, you can get some mini goals and footballs and have a world cup competition of your own with the winner getting a prize of a personalised world cup trophy with the date of your wedding on it.

World cup themed wedding