Would you Rent a Wedding Dress?

Would you rent a wedding dress

We all know that weddings are expensive and buying the wedding dress can take out a big part of your budget. So why do we do it? Surely there is another way to save money on your wedding day?

Recently a blog post from hitched.co.uk spoke to Something Borrowed, an online wedding dress rental company based in London, about how their business works and it intrigued me to dig deeper and find out is it really better to rent or buy your wedding dress?
You can read the full blog post here

The first thing to consider is cost.
Is it cheaper to rent your dress? On Something Borrowed their rental wedding dresses start from £109 for a beach style dress, so for that money you won’t be getting much fabric. Other gowns are priced on average at around £249 but you have to pay p&p and extra if you want the dress for longer.

However, if you have no qualms about wearing a dress that has been previously worn you might want to try websites like Preloved, as you can get second hand dresses for a fraction of the original price and this is a great way to save money. You also get to keep the dress after the wedding.

Time – If you are short on time renting a wedding dress is probably a good idea for you as you don’t need to worry about alteration times or ordering times. If you are using somewhere like Something Borrowed you can order your dress and receive it within a few days.

What do you need to worry about? Personally I would be worried about the sizing aspect of choosing a rental dress online. Mostly because I’m shorter than the average person and find I need to take regular clothes up, this is something you wouldn’t be able to do if you were to rent a wedding dress.
Other things to consider when renting your dress online; what happens if the dress doesn’t arrive? How do I return the dress?

Where can you rent your dress from? Well having done a quick Google search for wedding dress rentals in Northamptonshire, I didn’t actually come up with much.
One place I found was Cupids Bridal Boutique in Brackley, Northamptonshire, who sell and hire second hand and pre-owned wedding dresses. So at least with them you will be able to go along and try on dresses first before you rent.

Some of the plus points to renting your wedding dress rather than buying it are that after the day is done you don’t have to fork out more money to have it dry cleaned (most hire places will do that once they have the dress back). Nor would you have to worry about finding a place to store it or be concerned about it getting ruined or discolored whilst being stored.

While it might not be a popular option right now, renting a dress is definitely something to consider. It won’t be for everyone, but to some it could be the best option. So the question is, would you rent a wedding dress?

Would you Rent a Wedding Dress