Easter Egg-Citement image gallery

So here is a little treat for everyone, some Egg-Citement photos

Thought everyone would like some easter images to have a look at while we plan for our new website.





Here are some of the Behind the scenes photos, the little chicks were very un-ruley this easter 2015





Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas

More and more couples nowadays are having their weddings in the off season when the weather gets colder because, if you want something different, then a winter wonderland theme is perfect. This theme is not the same as a Christmas wedding, winter wonderland is all about your wedding being a spectacle and incorporating all the things that make winter fun.
Here are some hints and tips for great Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas.

Halloween Wedding Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching and it can be a very popular theme for a wedding, so I have put together this blog to give a few Halloween wedding ideas that are easy to do but very effective. I’m going to stay away from things like witches and ghosts and look at more traditional ways to help with a Halloween wedding theme that will give your wedding a more natural feel.

In this blog I’m going to concentrate on all things pumpkin. But first I’ll talk about colours. (more…)

Autumn Wedding Ideas

autumn wedding ideas

So summer is over, it is now officially autumn. But don’t be down, we’ve got a great blog post for you with some clever and exciting autumn wedding ideas.

A great way to theme your cake in the autumn style is to incorporate the colours you are using. This could be by colouring the cake itself or adding leaves and/or flowers to decorate.
If you are thinking of having a more natural theme, try a naked cake with berries to decorate.

How Much Should a Wedding Videographer Cost?

So, how much should a wedding videographer cost?

Well, like many things to do with weddings, there is no set price for what you should pay for a wedding videographer. There are lots of videographers that charge anywhere from £300 to way over a thousand pounds and there are also different packages to choose from and additional extras which also come with extra costs.
It can all be a bit confusing, so that’s why we have put together this blog post which will basically explain our prices so you can see exactly what you get from us on your big day and the editing afterwards.

John and Gemma’s Wedding Film

John and Gemma’s Wedding
Saturday 28th June 2014
St Mary’s Church

It may have been raining but it didn’t damper the spirits of this happy couple and their family and friends.
John and Gemma tied the knot at St Mary’s Church, Bozeat in Wellingborough in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their loved ones. They then went on to have their fabulous reception at the Holiday Inn Northampton.

Sara and Mark’s Wedding Film

Sara and Mark’s Wedding
Thursday 12th June 2014
Dodford Manor

It was a beautiful sunny day for Mark and Sara’s wedding that took place in the stunning location of Dodford Manor.

Their wedding was full of personal touches, including photos of the happy couple from childhood to how they are together, and had a unique vintage theme that allowed them and their guests to enjoy this special day.

How long should your wedding film be?

how long should your wedding film be

How long should your wedding film be?

If you are worried or concerned about how much of your wedding day you will end up with, this blog post should explain a few things.

There is no definitive amount of time on how long your wedding film should be, like the wedding itself it will be unique and individual to you.

Would you Rent a Wedding Dress?

Would you rent a wedding dress

We all know that weddings are expensive and buying the wedding dress can take out a big part of your budget. So why do we do it? Surely there is another way to save money on your wedding day?

Recently a blog post from hitched.co.uk spoke to Something Borrowed, an online wedding dress rental company based in London, about how their business works and it intrigued me to dig deeper and find out is it really better to rent or buy your wedding dress?
You can read the full blog post here

Wedding Table Name Ideas

Your wedding day is special to you and you’ll want to make sure it is as unique as possible. What better way to do that then to give your tables names that mean something to you and give your wedding a more personalised touch.
There are many ways you can name your tables but I’ve put together a list of some of the ideas you can use to help create the perfect wedding table names.